Jiro Shirasu Tie – Dark Red


100% silk

Width: 9 cm / 3.5”

Length: 147 cm / 58”

Made in London (UK)


Henry Poole tie designs are dedicated to renowned customers.

Jiro Shirasu

“Jiro Shirasu (1902-1985) was one of the cornerstones of Japan’s economic development after the country’s defeat in World War II. An anglophile, Shirasu graduated from Cambridge University in 1928, where he had cut a dash for his good looks, height (he was 1.8 metres [6 foot] tall and stood head and shoulders above many of his countrymen), his obsession with Bentleys, which he would drive through Europe when down from university, his fluency in the English language and his aristocratic manner. …” Extract taken from ‘Henry Poole & Co – The First Tailor of Savile Row

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