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Henry Poole’s Sustainability Policy

Henry Poole (“HP”) is committed to provide a World-class bespoke tailoring service that is sustainable, and which aims to minimise the environmental impacts of its operations.
Bespoke means specially made for a particular customer, thus no mass production.
Our bespoke garments are hand-made by skilled cutters and tailors, on the Company’s premise on Savile Row in London, thus no labour exploitation.
Our partners and suppliers are carefully selected to the same standards as our in-house workers.
Our garments last a lifetime, and are sometimes even handed down to the next generation for which the Company provides an alteration service.

To meet our sustainable commitment, the Company will:
• Provide reasonable efforts to comply with all relevant environmental legislation;

• Take actions to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities, and ensure our services are able to adapt to environmental change;

• Adopt best operational practices to reduce environmental impacts of HP’s activities and policies, by:

– Monitoring, managing and minimising HP’s use of energy and water
– Minimising the environmental impact of associated travel with our venues and business
– Minimising the amount of waste produced by HP to encourage greater reuse in recycling
– Ensuring environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services;

• Encourage and develop our employees and partners to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.
To ensure the Company meets above commitments, we undertake to periodically monitor and review our environmental performance and take corrective action where necessary.

This policy will be reviewed annually.
August 2022