Home to generations of gentlemen, from celebrities to royalty.

Famous clients include Charles Dickens, Dr Livingstone, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Prince Otto von Bismarck, Buffalo Bill, Sir Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, J.P. Morgan, William Randolph Hearst, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

1959 Him Emperor Haile Selassie HIM Emperor Haile Selassie
1940 Hm King George Vi HM King George VI
1936 Hm The King Of Bulgaria HM The King of the Bulgarians
1928 Hm King George V HM King George V
1923 The Imperial Household Of Japan (crown Prince Hirohito In The Image) The Imperial Household of Japan
1922 Hrh The Prince Of Wales HRH The Prince of Wales
HM Queen Alexandra
1910 The Khedive Of Egypt The Khedive of Egypt
1905 Hh The Maharaja Gaekwar Of Baroda HH The Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda
1903 Hrh Prince Albrecht Of Prussia HRH Prince Albrecht of Prussia
1902 Hm King Edward Vii HM King Edward VII
1893 Hm The King Of Denmark HM The King of Denmark
1906 Him The Shah Of Persia HIM The Shah of Persia
1892 Hrh Prince Emanuel Of Savoie HRH Prince Emanuel of Savoie
1892 Hg The Duke Of Aosta HG The Duke of Aosta
1891 Hg Friedrich, Grand Duke Of Baden HG Friedrich, Grossherzog of Baden
1891 Hg The Duke Of Genoa HG The Duke of Genoa
1881 Him Tsar Alexander Iii Of Russia HIM Tsar Alexander III of Russia
1879 Hm King Umberto I Of Italy HM King Umberto I of Italy
1878 Hrh The Crown Prince Of Austria HRH The Crown Prince of Austria
1877 Hm The King Of The Hellenes HM The King of Hellenes
1875 Him Emperor Alexander Ii Of Russia HIM Tsar Alexander II of Russia
1874 Him Emperor Pedro Ii Of Brazil HIM The Emperor Pedro II of Brazil
1874 Hrh Crown Prince Alexander Of Russia HRH Crown Prince of Russia
1871 Hrh Prince Louis Of Hesse HRH Prince Louis of Hesse
1871 Hm King Amadeus I Of Spain HM King Amadeus I of Spain
1871 Hrh Prince Oscar Of Sweden & Norway HRH Prince Oscar of Sweden & Norway
1870 The Khedive Of Egypt The Khedive of Egypt
1870 Hrh Prince Christian Of Schleswig Holstein HRH Prince Christian of Schleswig–Holstein
1870 Hrh The Prince Of Teck HRH The Prince of Teck