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The Story at Savile Row

The history of Henry Poole lies at the heart of the Savile Row suit. It is both a family story and a story of an international business that covers the past, the present and the future. From our historical tailoring bloodline through to our current bespoke process for creating a range of clothing garments (including shirts, blazers, sports jackets, top coats, overcoats, dress wear and, of course, tailored suits), Poole’s epitomises the glory behind Savile Row tradition of pure bespoke tailoring.


It starts with the underlying premise of the bespoke experience—the defining distinction from the purchase of even the best in ready-made: Henry Poole understands that every client is unique. No client will ever have the same pattern or receive exactly the same finished suit. With each piece of clothing being made personally by our tailors on the premises on Savile Row, London, the theme remains consistent: individuality expressed through craftsmanship and style.