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Bespoke Process

The tailoring process at Henry Poole combines traditional methods with a modern approach. The tailor works from scratch with each individual client, starting the unique paper pattern cut to the client’s measures. Minimal discrepancies in the client’s posture and structure are taken in to account, and each notation is transferred to the bespoke pattern.


With the help of the cutter, the client selects the cloth from our range of over 6000 luxurious samples. Upon choosing the fabric, the particular style that the client desires is then discussed with the cutter.


The particular style that has been selected is then transferred to the cloth, using the particular pattern as a template. Several fittings follow. The result is a garment that is unique and original to the client.


The beauty of bespoke tailoring is that everything is possible and that any request can be met. Most customers do, however, tend to heed the expert advice their cutter, whose gift for knowing what will work best for the client is what helps make his role in the process so pivotal.