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Future tailor at Henry Poole's Savile Row Tailor

The Story at Savile Row

We are renowned for providing classic, elegant and superbly cut bespoke tailored garments. Although our ‘house style’ is recognized as one of the distinctive (and often imitated) styles of Savile Row, our flexible attitude toward styling means that every piece will be truly unique and made exactly to bring out and accentuate the best in the individual client.


Just as Henry Poole was a great innovator and arbiter of male elegance in his time, we ensure than our contemporary cutters accommodate the requirements of the modern man as part of the bespoke tailoring process. A 21st century suit is constructed for a lifespan that will justify the way it is made; but it must, by necessity of modern life, be built not merely for elegance but for increased comfort as well. Henry Poole’s uses traditional methods to work the highest quality cloths into distinctive garments suited for use in our current time—all without compromising on the quality of the original Henry Poole suits favoured by generations of gentlemen from around the world.


At Poole’s we believe in passing on the bespoke tailoring process of a family business to talented young tailors. Our programme of apprenticeships for new tailors ensures that the premium standards of cutting and tailoring skills are preserved and maintained for the future. Our apprentices train at our premises on London’s Savile row, learning tailoring skills that have been passed down for generations.


The continuing success of Henry Poole in meeting the requirements of the most discerning customers indicates that we have mastered the art of accommodating worthwhile change whilst preserving the traditional values that make the London cut the gold standard of world tailoring. At the core is a bespoke process like no other. The results— men’s tailored suits, blazers and sports jackets, shirts, top coats, overcoats and dress wear—combine the best of what is modern with the core of what is classic, creating anew something as timeless as it is luxurious.