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Bespoke Process

Cloth Selection and Cutting


Henry Poole offers an extensive range of materials, with our bespoke cloth swatch collection exceeding 6000 samples. With the help of his cutter, the client selects the cloth, keeping in mind the particular style envisioned, such as a two or three-button single breasted coat or a four or six-button double breasted coat.


When the cloth is delivered to our workrooms, the paper pattern is laid out on the cloth and chalked around. The cloth is then cut by hand, creating all the individual panels for the garment. At this stage, our cutters purposely leave extra cloth at the inlays to allow the suit to be altered at a future date should the client’s weight change. That is because a Henry Poole suit is an investment—one that we expect to last a good deal longer than something bought ready-made.


Our clients typically prefer the Henry Poole house style. One of the distinctive cuts of Savile Row (and one that is often imitated as the “Henry Poole cut” by name), our silhouette features a nipped waist, with appropriate (never too severe) shoulder padding and high armholes. Respected for generations, the Henry Poole silhouette delivers a classic shape, bringing balance and proportion as well as enhancing the body’s natural outline.